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"It all started from when I typed "more info" in reply to a post Stephen had posted in group. Before then I had NEVER heard of Amazon FBA. I am an avid amazon shopper even sold my books after school on amazon but never knew I could set a business with it.

I joined Stephen’s training on FBA, asked a TON of questions and with Stephen's help I have been able to produce 3 products so far. 2 private label and the one my complete own design.

I am a full-time pediatric nurse, work with my husband part-time on his videography business and still find time to do this.

I cannot count how many times I have had to message Stephen in a bind, how many times we chat at past 2am and am very grateful for the help so far. I do not know Stephen personally, never spoken to him on phone and yet he has been such a tremendous help to me. I am not where I intend to be yet, but am definitely not where I use to be.

Amazon FBA is awesome, a true life changer if you have the right tools and coach, you could avoid some mistakes and ride on the success of others.

Thank you Stephen."

“Harnessing the global marketplace for extra income comes with many unforeseen challenges and roadblocks. It’s easy to feel lost and confused on how to start and you can truly feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of information with so many different ways to sell online. Taking Stephen’s class to become a RAINMAKER was the best thing I could have done to overcome this. Not only is Stephen personable and incredibly helpful, but he has experienced all of the challenges you will face and is willing to share his insights so you don’t have to struggle. His courses and consulting provide an incredible, easy framework for you to begin making money online. What’s more, Stephen is genuinely committed to your success and his willingness to answer questions via Voxer at a moment’s notice is amazing! His coaching is very encouraging as you walk step by step on this incredible journey of using Amazon FBA. You will not be disappointed.”

"I’m so thankful I took Stephen’s amazon training course. Each video explains each step of putting a product into the Amazon marketplace.

His teaching style is clear and he shares how to avoid pitfalls along the way. I used his suggestions about sourcing and shipping for 100% success and I am now a confident seller with Amazon because of what Stephen taught me."
Sales Dashboard Screenshots & 1099's From Rainmakers:
"Stephen has not only been very helpful and informative, but also encouraging and motivating. When I have an issue or get stuck he is a wealth of knowledge giving me clear answers and action plans to help get unstuck. They have helped my wife and I scale our business to a new level. We are very grateful to be in his mastermind group."
Brent Silberbauer
"Just jump in, and don't look back. I accomplished what Stephen showed me during one of my son's nap times. I can't even imagine what this new opportunity will do for me over a year of nap times!"
Nicole Andreni
"I bless God for the day I reached out to Stephen. I do not know him personally, and yet he has been such a tremendous help to me. God has indeed used him in a way words can't express. He has been a helper of my destiny"
Sharon Grace
Filmmaking Videography & Photography